How To Make You Jump Higher?

How to make you jump higher is probably one of the hottest topics among amateur and pro athletes in most sports. Many different  coaches and trainers may wonder how to make you jump higher. Many athletes and individuals themselves may be wondering how to increase their vertical jump also. Many are unable to do this because of a variety of reasons, which can be corrected. Anyone, can increase their vertical jump and The Jump Manual: Jump Higher is a valuable resource for coaches, trainers, athletes, and people who just want to increase their vertical jump.

The manual teaches techniques of how to make you jump higher. In the manual several reasons for not being able to increase your vertical jump are explored. A few of the reasons one may not be able to jump higher is because an individual does not know the correct principles, they do not know how to apply those principles, they lack discipline, or proper nutrition.  It can be a combination of this reasons, or one of these reasons alone. The author makes distinction between what you do, and how you do it, which is where a lot of individuals fail.

Another reason it is often a struggle to learn how to make you jump higher is because of a lack of experts in the area. A coach may be an expert in certain sports areas, such as basketball, but that does not mean that they know the proper technique to make an individual jump higher. Some experts may know the technique but may not be able to teach it correctly. The author has successful taught many different people his techniques, including NBA, and Olympic athletes.

When athletes, and individuals spend a lot of money, and go to a lot of so called experts to learn how to make you jump higher they are likely to start to become discouraged. This really hurts an individual because they may start to give up, and therefore start to lack discipline. In order to jump higher one must combine strength with quickness, to do this one needs to have maximum strength, as well as having no disruptions in the neurological path. In order to jump higher one must never train high endurance, instead they should train low reps, at a high intensity. An individual needs to work smarter, not harder. This manual explores nine different variables instead of most programs which only focus on one thing. Flexibility, balance, fuel, form and stability are the key to jumping higher. Some of these, such as fuel will have an immediate impact on ones vertical jump. This manual looks into the Whey diet, and how it is the correct fuel for this type of training.

How to make you jump higher is actually rather simple. However, training is not the only thing that needs to be learned in order to be able to do this. An individual should be prepared to visit a chiropractor. This is because in many cases the spine is out of alignment, and this effects how fast your brain is able to give directions to muscles. In order to increase your vertical jump, one needs to make sure that they have nothing that will slow them down, and unfortunately a misaligned spine will make it impossible to jump higher. All these techniques, tips, guidelines are provided in the manual, and if one follows these directions, and has motivation, one will see an increase in their vertical jump in as little as two weeks.Vertical Jump Affiliate program

Exercises for Jumping Higher – Discover 3 Great Exercises to Explode Your Vertical

Exercises for jumping higher exist in most sports. Are you tired of not being able to jump higher?  Is it frustrating not being able to dunk the ball like you see your friends doing?  If you answered yes to either of these questions you’ve come to the right place.  Luckily for you there are exercises for jumping higher that I’d like to share with you.  Most people think there is nothing you can do to increase your vertical but that simply isn’t true.  Anyone doing the right exercises will notice an increase in their jumping abilities even in just a couple of weeks.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the exercises for jumping higher that you can do. Continue reading